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St Francis Church of Holy Light

Gnostic Temple



Is found in the reckoning of life,

And in the fulfilment,

Of its mystery”

Tau David Deschambault

  • What is Gnosticism?

    Gnosis means knowledge. This inner spark of the Divine can be accessed by everyone with out the need for any assistance, direction or control of an institutional church, organization or self proclaimed guru.

  • Our Rules To Live By

    We follow the Golden Rule also known as ethic of reciprocity. Simply treat those as you would like to have them treat yourself. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

  • M.A.P.

    The Men's Awareness Project - for the prevention of violence and addiction "MAP helps men to look at two important wounds which we have inherited. Violence and addiction."

  • Weddings and Handfastings

    Handfastings can be specially fashioned to meet any and all spiritual needs. They can also be celebrated at many different locations.

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  • THE FOG – Return of the Earth People

    A Time for the Reunion of the Whole Human Family Prophecies across the Americas foretell a great spiritual springtime that will come after 500 years, to cleanse the pain of the colonial past and ancestral wounding of the land. The eagle represents North America and the indigenous people with their message and knowledge, a masculine […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | February 26, 2019

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    The Seven Fires Prophecy  Let’s start the New Year with a “wake up call”. The following is a prophecy handed down from our Anishnabe or Ojibwa brothers and sisters.  The Seven Fires Prophecy of the Anishnabe or Ojibwa is spiritually encoded in the centuries old Wampum Belt. The belt is sewn with thousands of tiny, […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | January 1, 2019

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  • THE FOG – Temple Earth

    Since the beginning of time humans have sought the sacred. We see this in the many archeological discoveries across the planet. The first sacred spaces were found in nature under the stars. Even when buildings were constructed nature was incorporated into their design. Then over time as technology slowly grew we began to separate ourselves […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | December 5, 2018

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