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St Francis Church of Holy Light

Gnostic Temple



Is found in the reckoning of life,

And in the fulfilment,

Of its mystery”

Tau David Deschambault

  • What is Gnosticism?

    Gnosis means knowledge. This inner spark of the Divine can be accessed by everyone with out the need for any assistance, direction or control of an institutional church, organization or self proclaimed guru.

  • Our Rules To Live By

    We follow the Golden Rule also known as ethic of reciprocity. Simply treat those as you would like to have them treat yourself. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

  • M.A.P.

    The Men's Awareness Project - for the prevention of violence and addiction "MAP helps men to look at two important wounds which we have inherited. Violence and addiction."

  • Weddings and Handfastings

    Handfastings can be specially fashioned to meet any and all spiritual needs. They can also be celebrated at many different locations.

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    If we use the metaphor of a game to describe life then it is in our best interest to play it well. Good and bad fall upon everyone and how well we play the game depends not necessarily on the rules but what rules our attitudes. It has been said that the attitude is the […]

    By Tau David Deschambault | June 10, 2019

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  • THE FOG – Out with the Old

    Today the economic, political and corporate elite have forgotten the community as a whole. They have forgotten that society provides everything which enables them to be successful. Consequently the elites treat the citizenry as indentured servants. People are no longer valued as co-creators and are treated as disposable. What I have just described is the […]

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    The other day I read a futuristic odyssey which presented a hypothesis that artificial intelligence would one day rule over humans. We have all heard this before and whether you believe it or not is your decision to make. However this article theorized that human kind would be at the mercy of artificial intelligence because […]

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