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St Francis Church of Holy Light

Gnostic Temple



Is found in the reckoning of life,

And in the fulfilment,

Of its mystery”

Tau David Deschambault

  • What is Gnosticism?

    Gnosis means knowledge. This inner spark of the Divine can be accessed by everyone with out the need for any assistance, direction or control of an institutional church, organization or self proclaimed guru.

  • Our Rules To Live By

    We follow the Golden Rule also known as ethic of reciprocity. Simply treat those as you would like to have them treat yourself. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

  • M.A.P.

    The Men's Awareness Project - for the prevention of violence and addiction "MAP helps men to look at two important wounds which we have inherited. Violence and addiction."

  • Weddings and Handfastings

    Handfastings can be specially fashioned to meet any and all spiritual needs. They can also be celebrated at many different locations.

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    As we assess the landscape and distribution of power in the world how do we assess the abilities of those who sit in these seats? Are they effective or feeble? In other words where are the weeds among the wheat? For some these discoveries can cause great anger and confusion. For others it may cause […]

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  • THE FOG – Aging Cosmic Love

    In the world we see with our eyes we will find a reality based on concrete materialism. In the world we see with our inner eye we will see something completely different. When we try to see the world with the third eye we are required to view the world in abstract concepts and mystery. […]

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    When we study the epistemology of any philosophy or professional discipline we are often surprised with its origins. In past articles I have discussed the origins and evolution of many social experiments which unfortunately have devolved into dogma and literalism. In most cases this was not the intended result. However this can easily happen when […]

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